A collection of motion and photography work from the Mad Man For Hire.



A collection of motion and photography work from the Mad Man for Hire.




Director’s Reel






Music Video

A one-take. A live performance. A narrative.

It had to be all or nothing so we shot for the stars.

With limited time and budget this project could not have been pulled off without our incredible crew, and most importantly, my dude Dennis Grishnin. Thank you all for your hard work. We created something that is beautiful and haunting all in the same breath.

Emidio Lopes
Roshni Patel

Song performed by aiwake

Director or Photography - Dennis Grishnin
Camera Operator - Michael Lew
1st AC - Eric Schweiger
2nd AC - Matt Aitia
Production Manager - Al Rosen
Lighting Technician - Gideon Ayesu
Key Grip - Gianluca Basile
Dance Choreographer - Brittany Hamilton
Assistant Directors - Ariana BascomShane NarainNathan Powell

Director / Producer - Me

Executive Producers - Majestic Casualaiwake, Alex Rozenac, Andrew Hamilton

SUPER Special thanks to the folks at Dundas Video


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Short Film

Armed with literally nothing but some sweet Kowas, Director of Photography,
Dennis Grishnin, reached out to me one Thursday asking me if I’d be up for shooting
something that weekend. Two hours later I had a script over to him.

We scrapped what we could together and made it happen.



PJs | Social Media Recipes

Social Media Photography Campaign

Client: PJs
Agency: Mosaic

Working with food photographer Nick Merzetti
and food stylist Jacob Wharton-Shukster, two beautiful
recipes were put together and shot for a social media
carousel. The beautiful images are a compliment to
the incredible day shooting.



Gretzky Estate |
Wine and Whiskey

Clients: Andrew Peller
Agency: Mosaic

Consisting of both photography and motion, this single day “content factory” project yielded a ton of great results!

Featuring their new whiskey and wine collections, Gretzky Estate brought in their resident mixologist to show us how to create some drinks that they’ve featured on their site.