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COMMIT | A Short Film

Director of Photography, Dennis Grishnin, called me up on a Friday and told me he’d have extra gear over the weekend. “Wanna shoot something?”, he asked. I got writing. Two hours later there was a script and I began producing. Even when you got some sweet lenses, you still need a team, and ours was small but willing and we took what we were given and rolled with it.

Everyone came out and worked for pizza, water, and their love for making film. It was hard to pull together, but so worth it to experience the magic on that day of shooting. Thank you Dennis, Nathan, Alan, Stephen, Angela, and Daniel(s). You guys are the best rag tag team an indie director could ask for.

A couple weeks later I can now present COMMIT to you, and I’m excited to do so.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in bringing this little short together. It reminded me what filmmaking was all about.

Happy Halloween!