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What is “Mad Man For Hire”
Andrew’s Intro



What is "Mad Man For Hire"?


Mad Man For Hire is a creative production company that specializes in developing commercial content and commercial video production.

The company is the creation of Toronto director, Andrew Hamilton, who is the “Mad Man For Hire”. With a keen eye for storytelling, Andrew is always looking for connections between client intent and the audience’s emotional resonance and entertainment. In a world where video is king, but no one wants to watch an ad, a connection is the key to leaving an impression with the audience, and that is at the core of everything we do.


Commercial work aside, Mad Man For Hire is a company with storytelling at it’s core. Film production and music video production are pillars to our creative integrity. From treatments to full production, visual storytelling is welcomed in all forms with open arms.






We offer the most efficient production experience around. Get the most out of your budget creatively and financially with us!


From food to portraits, your production needs care covered. Producing commercial photography is always a fun time with us - one where the ideas flow and we get the best for clients in the most visually arresting ways.

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and Branding

Art, specifically digital art, is a little bit of an obsession at Mad man For Hire. That love is what fuels a lot around here, but it sets hellfire to design and branding. Focusing our work on practicality and aesthetics, we ride the line of creativity and purpose.


Music Video

“Music video” might be the wrong term. We make short films that are inspired by a specific song. It’s a collaboration of artists and art styles in a marriage that is as divine as anything you’ve ever experienced.

We really love music videos… if you can’t tell already.

Treatments, post production, or even the full stretch. We’ve got it all covered.

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Film Production

Creating film is a gift of expression, and it’s one that we hold dear. Film treatments, scripts, film branding, and production needs are all under the wheelhouse.



Andrew's Intro


I love art for the stories it tells.

It astounds me that a single image, a single frame, a single second can change everything - a parable for life itself.

Whether we know it or not, art has us all captive. The world is telling a story around us and the medium is a visual one. Art has become the forefront. Everybody needs it. Everybody wants it.

My eight years in the creative industry have afforded me many experiences and projects from the resurrection of Trans Am Racing to directing a music video for the world's most notable Hip-Hop artist of the time, Drake.

If you had to throw the usual labels on me, I am a narrative director with an unparalleled grasp on the media arts. However, I'm not one for "the usual". I love visual storytelling, and connecting people and ideas. Directing blossomed from my love of cinema, but my skills in photography, design, and literature have blossomed from my love for music and art. I now find myself as something of a creative well, with an encompassed understanding of the advertising and creative world. 

I can’t wait to work with you.